Youth Ministries

St. Pius V would like to introduce our new Youth Ministry coordinator, Mr. Noel Peguero. Noel Peguero was born in the Dominican Republic on September 9, 1975. In 2002 he completed 4 years of Theology from Centro de Estudios Teologicos Santo Domingo de Guzman. After receiving his education, he worked as a pastoral assistant in several parishes in Santo Domingo, training to become Deacon. He married Maria Guadalupe in 2004, then having three children: Joshua ( 13 Years old), Isaac ( 8 Years Old ) and Rachel (22 Months). After Noel’s marriage, he continued his vocation in the Catholic Church as a Pastoral Assistant, Youth Ministry Children/Adult Chorus director in Saint Rita Church in Long Island City, Saint Joseph Church, Astoria, Corpus Cristi Church, Woodside, Christology Teacher (Pastoral Institute) and his latest assignment, Saint Francis Church in Manhattan. In 2011 after taking some classes in City College, Noel was hired at the Academy of the City Charter School as a Parent Coordinator/ Spanish Teacher. We are very excited for the promising future Noel brings to our parish and can’t wait for his upcoming plans!


“Dear Youth:

I would like to invite you all to participate in the Christmas show. At this moment we are looking for volunteers to prepare our first Christmas Play. If you would like to be part of this beautiful project, please let us know by calling the rectory. Practices begin this Saturday October 13 at 5:30 pm in the Church basement.” – Youth Ministry Director, Mr. Noel Peguero. For more information please call Noel Peguero at (347) 624-4538 or contact the rectory.

Please find attached a Reflection questionnaire from our Youth Ministry program.